Personal Training in Dorset and the South West

Joe Stephens at win green doing an overhead squat

“With over 11 years’ experience as a sports coach, personal trainer, corrective exercise therapist, strength coach, massage therapist and nutritionist I have gathered broad knowledge in different disciplines through both study and practical application”

Joe Stephens’ experience working with research teams within the NHS and also working with elite athletes such as Bournemouth Football team make him one of the most qualified and experienced personal trainers in Dorset. This comprehensive subject knowledge is passed on to members of Bodywise-UK, to provide them with a unique, individually tailored fitness regime.

Joe Stephens performing an front lunge to med ball raise

As a private personal training gym, members will have one-to-one supervised training sessions that work with each individual’s specific requirements to maximise their efficiency. As part of the process, members are also given a series of medical questionnaires and both a postural and movement assessment, to This can also allow the trainers to design injury orientating work outs to help with rehabilitation.

However, Bodywise-UK is not solely for elite athletes. Anyone is welcome, whether you lead a sedentary lifestyle, or feel you are too old. Members range from 16 years old all the way up to those in their 70s. We can tailor work out plans to suit any age. There’s a friendly and relaxed environment at Bodywise-UK, with no contracts. Private sessions start at a competitive £35 per session and there’s no pressure that you can often find in many gyms today. So, for a safe, structured exercise environment, backed up with extremely experienced and knowledgeable staff, it’s hard to beat Bodywise-UK.